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Sketchbox Images is a merging of passions. I have been a real estate broker since 2003 and a photographer since high school. At one point I considered making photography a profession but life happened, jobs led elsewhere and photography became a fun hobby for many years. Real estate has been my primary career for the last 20 years. 


I love the real estate business and have always preferred to be in control of the creative process when it came to marketing. Having always outsourced my photography, I was stuck with someone else's vision of what my listings should look like. At one point, I decided to start shooting my own listings and found a passion in the art and technical aspects of real estate and architectural photography. Having worked in the business for so many years I feel I have a inside understanding of what makes a good real estate photo. As real estate marketing has become more sophisticated, so has real estate photography. I try to take all aspects of the home into consideration and how each shot will show the home's greatest attributes. My style of photography tends more toward the use of natural light to create soft, luxurious photos that capture the essence of a room. 


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