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$50 Off Matterport-The Open House Alternative

Every day my cell phone notifications have been blowing up about the coronavirus. Federal and local government officials are recommending all sorts of things to keep us all from getting sick-washing hands, not touching your face, etc. The most disruptive to our business and economy has to be “social distancing” though.

Last week I received a notice from Windermere Corporate recommending we consider whether open houses and brokers opens are a good idea in the current situation. They didn’t say we shouldn’t do them, just that we should be having a conversation about the risks with our clients. This is prudent advice and something every broker and home owner/buyer need to decide together. The activity in the current real estate market certainly supports the notion that buyers are still coming-out in droves to open houses. If this situation continues or gets worse, that may change. It’s also possible that potential sellers aren’t listing their homes right now because they don’t want hordes of buyers through their home, especially if they are still living there. If that is the case, a Matterport 3D Tour is a great way to allow potential buyers to see a property without having to go it in person right away. Since I own one of these cameras I do them on all my listings and they are always mentioned at my open houses. Buyers love them.

Here are a few other reasons for doing Matterport Tours:

  • They are a great listing tool and very impressive to Sellers

  • They are very engaging. Buyers tend to spend more time on them than with a regular video.

  • They are a good tool for relocation buyers, allowing them to see the house then make the decision whether or not to fly in for a look.

  • They help to weed out buyers who the house may not be right for. I know this one is controversial for some brokers who don’t want people to be turned off taking a look. My experience has been that if they are truly interested, they will want to check it out in person even if they have questions about fit. It also allows them to take second, third, etc looks without having to get back in. This is really helpful in a fast moving market when a buyer may have to make a quick decision.

  • You can get floor plans as part of the package. Buyers tell me they love these!

If you would like to try doing a Matterport on your listing I will be offering $50 off on all Matterport tours through April 30, 2020. Floor plans are an extra $25.

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